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Hey There

Welcome and thank you for checking out my decor, where passion for art and design runs deep. As a child, I loved to create and draw, and my family always encouraged and supported me. After teaching for many years, I was inspired by my wife's love of rustic decor to follow my dream of creating beautiful handmade pieces that would brighten any home.

All About Me

I have been passionate about working with students for many years which lead me to a career in education.  I have been teaching and working with students since the early 2000's.  My style started when I was a substitute teacher and a classroom assignment where students had to create artworks using words.  From then on, I knew that this was a style I could create some new artworks.

Handwritten and Heartfelt Decor was born out of my love for my wife and from wife's love for rustic decor and the desire to bring a personal touch to every piece. I take great pride in the craft of creating handcrafted items and believe that each piece should tell a unique and heartfelt story. My desire is to make handmade and rustic home decor that is both beautiful and functional, combining the style and warmth of modern rustic decor.

Creating art with words is a skill I've honed over the years, perfecting the art of turning any message into a beautiful piece of artwork. My aim is to create a unique decoration that speaks to individual style and preferences. Be it for everyday decor or a seasonal artwork, my artwork will have a unique and timeless design that you'll cherish for years to come.  Each year, I strive to create new decor that nspires joy and happiness. I am passionate about creating heartfelt decor that is sure to make your space feel extra special.
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